Oldham County Clerk

Julie K. Barr

About Oldham County

Oldham County is located in the north central part of Kentucky situated on the Ohio River. The county was named in honor of Colonel William Oldham, a Virginia native and Revolutionary War ensign and captain. Oldham County’s population is approximately 60,000, with its land rolling to level and its scenic bluffs along the river, has been through the years mainly agricultural. Within recent years, some industrial plants have located in the county.

Included amongst the notable people hailing from Oldham County are ROB MORRIS, renowned Masonic founder of the Order of the Eastern Star; ANNIE FELLOWS JOHNSTON, author of “The Little Colonel” series of books; and DAVID WARK GRIFFITH, who gained fame as a pioneer motion picture director. One of his best known works was the film drama of the Civil War era entitled “The Birth of the Nation”.

LAGRANGE, KENTUCKY – Some folks ask which came first – the railroad or LaGrange? Well, not many places have an active railroad running down its main street, but LaGrange, Oldham’s county seat, was built around the railroad when it was founded in the early 1800’s. The historic commercial, governmental and institutional buildings that are centered along the railroad track provide evidence of LaGrange’s heritage as a railroad town. LaGrange is a fourth class city with a population of approximately 4,000. It has a mayor and an eight-member city council.

Oldham County Clerk

Julie K. Barr

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